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No More Opaque
by Ian Curtress

No more opaque
Why the cruelty bestowed on man, surely not in life’s design that the emotions in the plan, should remain inside the mind.
When age has taken toll of his shell and visible signs of decay make others see a different you. React, an alien way
Perhaps it happens to very few. Others blessed with bliss, cannot recall love and care
Cannot recall that kiss. Those of us with emotions real, can so often find it hell.
No ability, wishing, wishing. How we long to break the shell
So much to give, no wish to take. Unselfish love to bestow, so sad a soul unaware, in a whirlpool, where to go. Such a tragedy, potential happiness, cast to infinite space
One can but hope that somewhere, it will find a welcome place
Perhaps one day, generations on, enlightenment will awake
The shell become invisible........The soul no more opaque