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Never Say Never
by Ian Curtress

I never forget a face and I certainly wouldn’t forget hers.

Elegant, Beautiful with a kindly expression.

How fortunate I thought to have such a passenger sitting next to me on the coach.

These were my thoughts when there was a frightening thud and the sound of breaking glass.

All was black. My mind and memory had succumbed to the trauma, oblivious to the mayhem there must have been.

Upon finally rejoining the human race I found I was in a rather surprisingly comfortable hospital bed.

The usual white coats were around and my head cleared when one came to the bed and said welcome back old man. Old man I thought! Only made that remark when he had me at a disadvantage. Now don’t be picky, at least you are comfortable.

I was then poked and prodded, asked a lot of questions, none of which could I answer, until finally he pronounced I had been in a coach crash and apart from a few minor injuries I was ok.

However, why is there always an however?

However, you suffered concussion and we put you in a shallow coma until this morning.

Now it is only a matter of time before you will be discharged to resume your normal life.

Funny term that, what is normal life? can’t remember much of mine.

A beaming nurse approached and said, you have a visitor.

Walking towards my bed was this beautiful woman, I never forget a face.

A sense of euphoria swept over me as she took my hand and kissed my cheek.

Was I in heaven, if this is concussion, double helpings please.

She suddenly looked puzzled when I said why have you troubled to visit me, I know we so enjoyed our conversations on the coach but to want to see me again is wonderful but surprising.

She regained her composure and we indulged in animated conversation.

She seemed to know my likes and dislikes, my wishes and disappointments, we were on the same wavelength as they say.

Sadly she had to leave, visiting hours were over, but teasingly tossed over her shoulder those magic words. See you tomorrow!

Sure enough. There she was, my gorgeous apparition and my long for kiss on the cheek.

A week had passed and we seemed to have known each other for years.

However, there’s always an however! there seemed to be something different in her manner as she held my hand. Not unpleasant, just different.

They say you can finish your recuperation at home now she said in a slightly cheeky way and you will be discharged on Friday.

The bottom fell out of my world.

Had I been living in a fool’s paradise. I was passionately in love and thought it would last for ever.

My companion on the coach had stolen my heart.

She saw the strained look on my face and explained that my concussion was improving and it was only a matter of time before I would be my old self.

I didn’t want to be my old self. I wanted her, her love, her care.

I blurted out. Will you still visit me.

She smiled the loveliest smile I have ever seen and said.


I’m your Wife!