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Writers' Showcase

My Khaki Parker
by Kim Wedler

It was ordered on Amazon Prime, 
I waited by the door at the right time. 
I want to wear it out on Friday night. 
The postman as he knocks, 
Hands me now, the cardboard box! 
I hold it up to see it in the light! 
It was my new khaki parker, 
I thought it’d be much darker. 
Why does this new order seem so wrong? 
I try it on with haste! 
Doesn’t fit around my waist. 
I wonder why the sleeves are just so long. 
I’d ordered clothes before. 
Why do the sleeves now touch the floor? 
Maybe rolling up the sleeves may help this “thing”. 
The size I’ve been given is too small! 
This really wasn’t working out at all! 
If I breathed in really quickly, I look thin.  
I checked my order, to see what had gone wrong. 
Not fitting round the tummy, but sleeves are far too long! 
The size said 10-12. It confirmed all my worst fears! 
Ordering, was I not able? 
Then I noticed on the label. 
The 10-12 was actually meant as years!  
So, they were right, in what they’d sent, 
I hadn’t gotten bigger than a tent. 
I did it once with black and white chequered fleece. 
Just my silly fault, I guess,  
Sleeves adjustable it says, 
I think it will look lovely on my niece.