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Melting The Royal Pot
by Albert Russo

There has never been a Jew who married a heiress to the British throne, like he might poison their blue blood. When the royals are anemic, they apparently get ink transfusions.

A good thing Prince Harry chose the lovely Meghan for his wife, she who is of mixed race - what an improvement! Soon they will be celebrating gay weddings in Backgammon Palace. And one day, in the near future, Britain will have a nice lesbian queen who will get married with the music of Freddy Mercury, who, by the way, often dressed like the queen that he was.

To prove that the royals in the United Kingdom believe in the Jewish Bible, which is the Torah, Prince Charles was circumcised in 1948 by … a rabbi named Jacob Snowman. The ladder is called a mohel, he who snips off the pre-puke. Before that, Queen Victoria had all her boys circumcised - that’s supposed to shorten the size of the male whatchamacallit, so’s not to scare the newly-weds who still believe that children are born inside cabbages. But what remains a myster-hector&tommy - ain’t that word cuter than ‘mysery’? -, is how a majority of the believers in Jesus, the king of the Jews, who also hailed from the line of King David, after having taken the Torah as their Sacred Book, keep on hating the descendants of the Hebrews.

According to Unky Berky, it’s all about jealousy, the Freud shtick of the son - who was made a Christian many years after he died - who has to kill the father - the Israelites -, so that they can thrive. But instead of thriving, they are now having to fight Islamic terrorists on all six continents, who call non-Muslims dogs and pigs - that’s us, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Whatnot, but also the poor Muslims who like to sing and dance or watch movies, and who believe in democracy, which is all very very haram (forbidden). They would chop off the heads of hip broadies like Linda Sarsour (which means ‘cockroach’ in Arabic - don’t forget that the people who stray away from the laws of Allah the merciful are often compared to critters) or even like the sweet and always smiling Omar, on account that they talk and have fun with boys in broad daylight, which is doubly haram, coz law-abiding Muslim girls are supposed to keep to themselves or if they go out, they must be chaperoned by either their brother, their father, their cousin or their old uncle - and it makes no difference if the ladder is toothless and has halitosis (it’s when your mouth stinks like hell). If they are not obedient, they get so many lashes that when they undress to get into bed, they look like albino zebras, their stripes turning red instead of black or white.

Did you know that the stripes of these cute horses can be of either color, depending on how you look at them?