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Writers' Showcase

Many a True Word.......!
by Ian Curtress

I awoke this morning strangely sonambulised
Couldn’t see for looking, eyes were pupilised
Put my foot to the floor, it was ankleless
Everything like jelly and in severe distress
Struggled to the shower but that was Ill advised
When turning on the setting , was completely thermalised
I was getting to the stage, of giving up all hope
After fumbling and dropping my razor and the soap
Looked in the mirror and just as I’d feared
Should have put my glasses, shaved only half my beard
Made it to the bedroom, temper showing cracks
when I put both legs, in one leg of my slacks
Not one to dodge a challenge even if I’m hurt
Having to eat my words again, only one arm in my shirt
Struggled to the stairlift, disaster strikes again
Wondered why it wouldn’t work. Switched off at the main
So thought I’d try the stairs, can’t be all that hard
Mishap when only half way down, thought the reaper’d marked my card
Kitchen next hazard on my Commando course
Staggered muttering nasties until I lost my voice
Found I’d knocked the heating on getting to the corner
Have to find a window, place getting like a sauna
Switched on kitchen lights. No I’m not amused
Only cooker light came on, all the others fused
Turned on the cold tap, soaked myself and half the room
My bleary eyes and impatience didn’t see that spoon
Finally I find the kettle, almost time to boast
Marmalade and butter ready. Blast! I’ve burnt the toast.
Have a nice day!