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Lilith Comes and Goes
by Albert Russo

So you thought Eve was our first ancestress? Apparently not, it was Lilith who was Adam’s first wife, and unlike Eve, SHE did not come out of Adam’s rib - that ’s bullshit anyway -, but out of the same ‘dirt’ as Adam - hey, dear Goddess, so you created humans in your image out of mud? I know a few of my uncle’s artist friends who make sculptures the same way. Do you consider them goddesses too?

I’ve also read that Lilith was a nasty and dangerous demoness, who was a setchual pervert, and who, washmore, stole babies at night. Now, how logical is that? There weren’t human babies yet, unless she stole cubs from monkeys, gazelles and hippos. Since she refused to be Adam’s servant, she left him, after gagging the bozo - good for her, except that, again, those male chauvinist pigs who write about us gals still find a way to treat us badly. She was not allowed to remain in the Garden of Eden on account that she had an affair with archangel Samael. I’d like to ask Goddess what kind of punishment that arch sinner got for fork-nick-skating.

By the way, in Hebrew Lilith means ‘night hag’ but also ‘screeching owl’. She probably was the first witch who dealt in fantasy, horror and the occult. When I think of it, better to be like that, scaring the bejeezette out of people, than to remain the slave of man.

Fast backward, Lilith and Adam immediately began to fight over who would be the master at home. She claimed that they were equal to each other on account that they were both created from the earth. She then dared to pronounce Goddess’ name in vain, which is a damn no no, and flew away into the air. Adam then asked Goddess to send three angels to bring Lilith back. They tried to force her to return to her hubby. But she told them that she wouldn’t because she had already been with the “Great Demon.” She also repeated that she refused to be a sevant to her husband, and that was the reason why she left Adam and the Garden of Eden for good. She preferred to live with an archangel named Samael and they had children who were real little monsters.

Here, here, Goddess, were you so mixed up, creating humans, that we are still paying for your bad craftsmanship? Where did you fish Lilith from, in the first place? Then, when you realized that you produced a demoness, you were so ashamed that you made her disappear back into the mud?

If Lilith really existed, she gave lots of ideas to the Hollywood mongrels.

My uncle and I saw some of them scary movies, like ‘Maleficent’, ‘The lords of Salem’, ’Witching and Bitching’, as well as oldies, such as ‘The Craft’, ‘Hocus Pocus’ and ‘The witches of Eastwick’, featuring some of my favorite gaga actresses like: Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer. Jack Nicholson was great as the Devil. Actually the ladder movie was quite funny and we both enjoyed it so much, that we bought the DVD.