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Jokes, Yolks, And Pranks
by Barkley Davie

Johnny always dreaded April 1st. He hated the pranks and he hated the jokes. Every April 1st, Johnny’s friends would go to extreme lengths to somehow trick, prank, or fool him. But this year, it would be different.

Johnny raised himself out of bed making sure to check if there was any automated spider that would jump out from under his bed and scare the living daylights out of him. But oddly, there was nothing. So, he walked to the washroom and picked up his toothbrush examining whether it had been pranked, but again, nothing.

Johnny walked downstairs expecting to see every single item in his kitchen wrapped up in wrapping paper, but just the boring marble slabbed kitchen he always knew. He made some coffee and got dressed. As he walked out the door he made sure to check if his shoes had a slithery corn snake in them, but again, nothing… This was quite unusual, his friends would always find a way to prank him, but not today. He bet that at work, he would be bombarded with practical jokes. So, he took the extra time to layer his suit with bubble wrap, so that no water or tomatoes would stain his freshly pressed suit.

He put his shoes back on and walked towards his car. “Gee, Work is going to be a nightmare. Full of Jokes, Yolks and Pranks.” Johnny turned the ignition on and drove up his street towards the Eliot Roth Paper Co.(His work.) As he drove down the bustling streets, he got a handful of bizarre looks from the other drivers. He also forgot that he looked like he was insane due to the bubble wrap that he was coated in. While driving he accidentally spilled his coffee on himself “Oh Darn! Well, good thing I have an extra layer on!” Suddenly he realized that he looked like a Yahoo, Probably because of the bubble wrap that he was wrapped in. So, He parked his car and walked towards a dumpster in a back alley.

He searched around until he found what he was looking for: A piece of cardboard, to be specific, A pizza box. He grabbed a pen from his pocket and wrote on the pizza box: I am not a Yahoo. He taped it to his back, and walked back to his car.But for some reason, He got even more weird look this time. He parked his car in front of work, and walked out. He tried to open the door, but for some reason it was locked. Suddenly Johnny had a deep realization: it was Saturday, 

Meaning if his calendar was correct… 

It was April 2nd.