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Writers' Showcase

by Doug Jacquier

If only he could find some way to intercept the letter from Homeland Security. He had written to them because he no longer trusted that his emails and phone calls weren’t being monitored by Them.

He believed that the postal service remained secure, so far, but he cursed himself for not having rented a postbox instead of using his own address. His wife always collected their mail and she would be suspicious of any change to that routine. Daily he had to suppress the awful thought that she too might be one of Them.

‘Dear Minister. I have to report a matter that should be of grave and urgent concern to you and your Department. I believe I have evidence to support my belief that forces unknown (hereinafter referred to as They or Them) have infiltrated the Lotto system as a way of funding Their various nefarious activities.

I can advise that the ruse of winners of most major prizes being ‘anonymous’ allows the diversion of funds to Them, through off-shore numbered accounts and shell companies.

I suspect some of the funds are being funneled into infiltrating the labs of vaccine producers. Through the addition of cleverly disguised viruses to commonly accepted vaccines, They are progressively gaining the ability to manipulate the life choices of our citizens.

I await your further instructions. Your humble servant etc. ’

As the time for the postal van’s arrival drew ever nearer, he locked himself in the gardening shed he called his ‘study’.

Thirty minutes later his wife knocked on his shed door and said “Letter for you. Marked ‘Private and Confidential’. What have you been up to?”

He snatched the letter from her, shut the door and double locked it. His hands shook as he tore the letter open and read:

‘Dear Sir

We intercepted your letter before it could reach the Minister’s office because we have reason to believe his Office has been compromised.

Thank you for your alertness in detecting the indeed suspicious activities of They or Them, especially for the intelligence that They have infiltrated the Lotto system as a way of funding Their various nefarious activities.

On Monday, please call the number listed under my signature. Making sure your wife is listening, pretend you are calling Emergency and say you are having a heart attack. Shortly after, an ambulance will arrive at your home and two of our Officers, disguised as paramedics, will put you in the vehicle. You will be taken to the secret location of our offices in the basement of a medical facility.

Be sure to memorise the phone number and then destroy this letter and the box it arrived in.

Yours sincerely, Chief of Homeland Security.’

Having memorised the letter, he tore it and the envelope into pieces and fed them into the potbelly stove he kept going in his shed for warmth in winter. In his haste, he failed to notice there were no stamps or postmarks.