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Writers' Showcase

In Our Hands
by Ian Curtress

Oh tolerant World, amazing Sphere, to show such grace through unplanned orbit
Explosive birth of velocity and fire, unknown future, prospect dire, and yet you so early knew a wonderful existence, a serendipity view

Beyond imagination oceans great, vegetation, a verdant state.
Mountains proudly above it all where sunshine seeks to soften snow on rugged peaks.
Where water pours in constant stream. All this jigsaw in your dream.
In your understanding, a vision, plan, you perceived what we call man, a being who would fulfil your hopes of perfection with a woman by his side, a counterbalance, a loving guide.

You were aware untold pitfalls would arise when actions taken with clouded eyes would bring about emotions strange and anger failed the jigsaw mesh.
But you hoped from this he’d learn and find solutions, what we now call evolution.
How contented you became when comprehension and respect were shown to the miscellany of creatures which now roamed free and all could live in harmony.

It could not last as I’m sure you knew when Possession raised its ugly head and Sharing lost in a whirlpool of Mine and More which in turn bred Aggression.
As ever you tolerated this negative trait and healed the wounds inflicted on your mass as best you could. Sharing your bounty on land and sea, but aware there is infinity.
You have seen your terrain in false divisions made, new emotions formed.
Envy, Greed and Power so often replacing Beauty,Peace and Love.
Our darkest hour.

But now the unforgiving and final plague. Pollution.
Your bounty within plundered beyond regeneration. Your life sustaining atmosphere destroyed without thought or consequence and the inevitable catastrophe.
A baron uninhabitable gnarled mass, no longer a beautiful Blue and Green Sphere
No longer a joy to behold and wonder. What we had and lost.

You were tolerant beyond belief and we do not deserve one more chance but in your continuing generosity and belief the Pandemic taking such a terrible toll throughout the World, will bring us to our senses.
Change our ways, see through different eyes, restore our proven values

Realise at last this wonderful and unique gift is there for all to share and pass to the caring hands and minds of future generations.
It’s in our hands.