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His Little Treasure
by Ian Curtress

It was offered on line. The only copy of maps showing the highly likely place of hidden treasure in Britain. It was found in the few belongings of a 96 year old recluse.
There was little information.
He had always been fascinated by buried treasure, had bought a Detector but lacked the dedication required to slowly walk across fields so considered himself lucky to find this book.
It arrived well packed but no invoice or senders address, rather surprised as it was very expensive. But then thought, treasure hunting was a secretive pastime.
He quickly unpacked his great find
There was a letter tucked inside front cover on what seemed very old paper.
It was a story of a highway man who travelled the Home Counties robbing coaches and their occupants and then burying his loot in various places, making maps for later reference.
He was eventually caught by a gang of thieves who spared his life for the maps
They next came to light when an old coaching inn was being demolished in Lambeth but disappeared shortly after.
Then they were found in a bombed cellar in south London in 1945 in the belongings of a vagrant who died by the side of the River Thames
They were to be given to the British Museum but “ disappeared” in transit.
There was no information on how they came into the hands of the seller but as with all treasure hunters, greed overcame reality.
So full of hope and excitement he followed the first map, it’s location near to him.
The coordinates were very clear and he arrived at the location. Kings Cross station!
Disappointed but thought it possibly correct as there were no railways in those days.
Chased off to the second, not far away only to find it was St.Pancras station!
Treasure hunters tend to delude themselves.
Not discouraged he quickly followed the next coordinates. First signs of suspicion. Euston Station!
Then he noticed the last map had completely different coordinates and found himself at London Zoo.
What if it was under the foundations of the Lion house
Completely baffled he wandered aimlessly around looking with disinterest at the animals.
It was only when he saw the entrance to a building with a sign saying Scorpions he faced the obvious.
As we all know
The Sting is in the Tale!