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Writers' Showcase

Happly Anniversary
by Bill Tope

Mazie raised the wine glass to her lips, drank hungrily
The spirit contained therein.  Noting her half-filled
Glass, the tuxedoed waiter hurried forward to replenish
Her drink, a blood-red Spanish potable.  Greedily, she
Gripped the stem of the glass with long, tapered fingers
And upended the vessel, draining the contents.
"Hey, slow down there, Maze," cautioned her husband,
Wolfgang.   She only sneered at him.  Then, placing an
Extra long cigarette between perfect lips, she lit the
Tobacco and blew smoke directly into his face.  He
Coughed, more out of annoyance than from discomfort.
The waiter approached again and Mazie pointed a
Manicured finger at her empty glass.  The vessel was
Quickly refilled.   The waiter set a carafe of wine
On the table.  Next their food was served.
Mazie swayed in her chair.  "If I'd known you were
Going to get drunk, I never would have brought you
Here," hissed Wolfgang under his breath. 
Undeterred, Mazie ground her cigarette out in
Wolfgang's mashed potatoes and with a quick,
Cruel smile, remarked, "Thanks for the anniversary
Supper, Wolf; we'll have to do it again sometime." 
And with that she stood to depart, stopping only
Long enough to upend the carafe of wine in her
Husband's lap.  "See you again in another twenty