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Writers' Showcase

Four Poems (3)
Written by Chinese Poet, Hongri Yuan
Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

The City of Angel's Smile
The white and silvery words of the moon kingdom
shone in the dream last night
The king of giants
in the massive cities of ancient times
presented me the gem book of the soul
I will build a garden in the desert
fill the jade vase with the holy spring
Let the rivers and lakes shine
a city of the angel's smile

The Sea of The Golden Palace
Happiness is the memory of heaven
And the soul is as sweet as the sun.
On the canvas of the death
you daub a smile from the gods.
Oh, that is the light! The light of honey.
If you can hear the heavenly hymns
that is the sea from that golden palace
lapping sapphire over eternal universe.

The Interstellar Kingdom
Sometimes I see the sky smiling at me
The limpidity spirit and flower clouds
such as the old soul of mine
watch my shadow on the earth
The ground beneath my feet like a colossal ship
toward the Interstellar Kingdom
Those cities where giants dwell
blossom on the dustless Milky Way.

The Wine of The Soul
I pick up a smiling flower from the future city
To light up your black iron dreams
The new book of the world delivers by the holy lightning
The giant’s body rotates the transparent picture of the faraway stars-cape
The light emanates from the gods
Let you see yourself without any sorrow
The body is high and translucent, each cells are as sweet as the wine of the souls.