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Writers' Showcase

Four Poems (2)
Written by Chinese Poet, Hongri Yuan
Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

The King of Giants in Pehistoric Kngdom
When you are not any more fresh fragrant red apple but faithful pure ruby,
you will see the back of  time, the incredible kingdom of the sweet light.
the palace of stars in which the soul lives and the golden tree in the garden of heaven.
The ulterior you will be a teenager--the king of giants in prehistoric kingdom.
The Sovereign Gods Are all My Own
I'm not Wukong and I don't want to be Celestial Ruler Supreme God,
but I want to be myself in the beginning.
There was no the heaven and earth at that time and the universe was the paradise of the soul?
in which were full bloom a great many flowers from paradise in the galaxy.
Neither I knew what was the up and down, east and west, nor gentle and simple, both parties.
I was both a teenager and an old man,
the great many numbers of mine had a great many kingdoms, the sovereign gods were all my own.
Giant 's  Poem
The body is just a dress of your soul and the world is a picture of time.
You can't find yourself even you go all over the world,
because the temple of the soul is in a garden beyond time.
Those smiles of the prehistoric giants is in a bright mirror of the quiet spirit
and the interstellar words are giant 's poem.
The Nest of Time
When the lightning of heaven spark-over the head of the night
and make the earth transparent, like the honey of gold,
The angel's song is like the dance of the swarm
and illuminate the nest of time--the giant labyrinth of stars;
The golden car of dragon and Phoenix will carry the mountains of prehistoric gods
and the giant ship of platinum is suddenly like a outer paradise of the interstellar giants.