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Writers' Showcase

Five Poems (3)
Written by Chinese Poet, Hongri Yuan
Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

Heavenly Temples and Towers

I rode a heavenly camel towards a desolate desert, .
a jade bottle poured the sweet dew of the Kingdom of Heaven
and converged a lake of springs that never dry up.
so where the giant trees in prehistoric times grew up.
Their branches and leaves rippled like the garden of phoenixes and birds,
and the song of birds sounded like music,
which made the clouds in the sky to be intoxicated by the time.
And the colorful and transparent grits grew into the huge jewels in the dreams
Even grew into heavenly temples and towers.



Giant's Yourself in Nnother Giant City

The gods who delight and smile in your body,
much older than stone and much younger than the morning.
They bestow you with the nectar of the kingdom of heaven,
make your bones becomes much more transparent with each passing day.
So the light of soul wakes up in your head,
then you hear a ballad from an outer world;
In the labyrinth of time you see giant's yourself in another giant city.



Prehistoric Myself

When the heaven woke up in my body day after day
and the world began to be hyaline and smiling,
I saw myself fifty thousand years ago
that engraved the poems of shimmering gold in the jade.
The stars were spinning in space and composed the mysterious pictures,
and that giant who travelled by light waved to me joyfully,
made me to be happy and perfectly comfortable,
as if have met prehistoric myself.



The Soul is Invisible Muse

Open your eyes of soul and you'll see countless yourself.
No time goes by, as if the sun and the moon never set and rise.
The world is only a book of phantom and the soul is invisible Muse.
Before the words hadn't beent born yet, you have been a giant
from the the kingdom of gold, who know not what is meant by yourself.



A Flying Saucer of Giants

Day by day the lightning in my body is waking up
and flying to this mortal world that dark night like iron.
Seeking devils's head and make him to be a skeleton of hell and repay a gem time
That python's body will become a golden bridge towards a giant city of tomorrow,
standing out against the sky , like the clouds rising and gathering.
And an interstellar spaceship on my palm like a flying saucer of giants,
that flashing miraculous brightness from an extraterrestrial Galaxy.