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Writers' Showcase

Five Poems
Written by Chinese Poet, Hongri Yuan
Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

An Illusion in The Bright Mirror of Eternity

Every day is an illusion in the bright mirror of eternity.
You see yourself from a teenager to an old man with gray hair,
as if you are a role in a play.
And the peace of mind makes you smell the fragrance of flowers from the Heavens.
You recall yourself in outer space with a smile--
that golden giant and fragrant light;
the huge number of palaces looks lofty, resplendent and majestic,
they rise and fall, like a sea of gold.
Billions of years are like the drops of nectar
crystal clear, sprinkle the music of intoxicated soul.



Each Rock is A Potala Palace

The sunshine is mellow wine
and there are golden palaces inside the sun.
Where a giant is its master,
he told me that I was his shadow on the earth.

I will still be much greater, like a mountain
each rock is a Potala Palace.
And the epics I chanted came from billions of years ago,
there are huge number sweet homes beyond the Milky Way.

02.20 . 2020


A Refreshing Breeze of the Dawn

I came from the outer space,
came from the giant city of the platinum.
My lines, words of the gem
twinkling with the future interstellar smiles,
made the wings of your soul to wake up from the dream
made you see yourself in outer space--
time was sweet as wine
the palaces of the heavens were as brilliant as the flowers of gem
the music was a refreshing breeze of dawn that brightened the soul.

12.21. 2019


As If The Stars Smile and Shine to Each Other

I require new words
Black gem and Sapphire
To decipher the alien password
To open the mystery door of the soul base
Those people who ride the flying saucer
The blue blood runs in their body
On their planet
Every stone has a soul
Even the flowers and trees
like their brothers and sisters
Yet, they have no human emotions
The same as if the stars smile and shine at each other


Strings of The Light of Dawn

When I plucked strings of the light of dawn
A golden lightning burned a huge city
The undulating hills in distance twinkled the ruby smile
Vaguely there came acoustic resonance of the bell
from the centervault of heaven
Who have seen that the palace was towering outside the sky
The gods smiled with stately grace and raised their glass
Female celestials shed datura flowers flying all over the sky.
And a large ship approached from another galaxy
They came from a huge platinum city
Their ships were much faster than the speed of light
Ever visited the earth billions of years ago
They brought new technology
To make the steel have a wonderful spiritualism
Their eyes can perspect the heaven and the world
Heart is as bright as the sun
And body is as transparent as diamond