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Fish Story
by Zvi A. Sesling

I had not slept well in three nights, rolling around in my bed like a balloon full of water. Then on the fourth night I dreamed I was out fishing and caught a flounder. It gave me a bit of a battle until I finally hauled it into the motor boat. I managed to get the hook out with little damage, but the fish wriggled out of my hands and flopped around the bottom of the boat like a jumping bean. Suddenly it stopped flopping and looked up at me.

“Why are you doing this? I was out trying to get dinner for my family and you yank me out of my natural environment and threaten me with death.”

I was astonished, but responded, “I’m looking to feed my family too and you seem to be the best candidate for the honor.”

The fish flopped a bit, stopped and said, “A dubious honor it is. Do you have children?”

It flopped again and waited for my answer.

“I have two young ones who particularly like fried fish.”

Again the fish flopped a few times when I said fried fish and then told me, “I have young ones too they happen to be in a school at the moment, but tonight they will want supper and it won’t be there. They’ll starve today and tomorrow and then they’ll go out looking for a meal and end up being one instead. And what about my wife? She’ll have to find another fish.”

That made me think how I would feel if my children were starving and my wife found someone new.

“You’re just playing on my sympathy,” I said. “Perhaps, everything you say is true. So what should I do, throw you back?”

The fish opened its mouth, it was breathing hard, “I suppose that would be too much to ask, but you could put me in that bucket of water and share some seaweed with me while we discuss this further.”