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Writers' Showcase

by Ian Curtress

Valentine’s synonymous with the word anonymous
Although any card received is likely to be known
So mines a sort of lifeline
Changed the habits of a lifetime
Caution to the wind has now been thrown
There’s a nice girl named Mandy In a charity shop that’s handy
Who finds used cards for me which are almost new
This one was quite a find
Valentine had not been signed
I immediately knew it would do for you
I wonder who received it on the 14th. of the month
And if it was kept beneath her pillow whilst asleep
I can’t see any nudges
or signs of any smudges
Best of all it was going very cheap
No need for animosity about my generosity
Your gratitude will make the day complete
But please don’t burn it,
don’t crease it and please return it
As always, I have kept the till receipt.