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Fateful Foursome
by Ian Curtress

He was at the top, pleased he had made the effort but grateful for the seat.
It had been a stressful week and he had forgotten how lovely the views were from here. He was shaken out of his reverie by a large English sheepdog appearing in front of him. It was facing him with what appeared to be a challenging expression.
Tentatively he stroked his head. It was accepted but the expression didn’t change. Then he heard a call. Marcus! and this rather pleasant lady appeared, slightly out of breath.
I do apologise she said, he never usually runs ahead of me like that. He said he was looking at me as if I had taken his seat.
Well in a way you have she said
We come up here every Saturday morning, it’s good exercise for both of us, we sit and I never tire of the views.
My Wife and I used to make this climb regularly until I lost her, but have had no wish to walk it on my own.
Quite the reverse with me she said. This was our regular walk on a Saturday and when I lost my husband I found it comforting to carry on the routine.
Oh I’m John he said but they call me Jack, don’t ask me why.
She hesitated and looked a little embarrassed. I’m Gillian but they call me Gill. Simultaneously they both laughed. Well I haven’t brought a pail he said.
Well you must admit it’s rather funny Jack and Gill up the hill!
For some reason they looked at each other in silence for what was only a minute or two but seemed like an hour.
She quickly said I had better start making my way down, the easy way this time. May I walk with you he said. That would be nice. Pleasant to have company for once When they reached the entrance to the grounds he asked if he could join her and Marcus on the seat next Saturday.
And so that routine became the norm and they found themselves becoming quite close. She felt there was a close enough bond to broach a sensitive subject.
They were having an affectionate quiet moment when she asked how did you lose your Wife Jack.
There was a pause and he said she was lost at sea. She was a passionate sailer but I have no love of the sea. She belonged to the Westsea Sailing Club.
We had a lovely relaxing arrangement. I used to glide and she would spend a day at my Gliding Club and then I would spend a day with her at the Sailing Club.
She hadn’t a boat but was competent and well known and there was nearly always someone wanting a crew for the day.
It was a lovely day and William…. She put a shaking hand on his arm and with an ashen face said Lucy!
For a moment he felt faint. He hadn’t heard her name for such a long time. She sailed with my Husband that day Jack.
I thought I knew you when we met on the hill but dismissed it That terrible day and the days that followed.
As you know they searched for five days. They found nothing, no wreckage.
If only they could have found something it would have given help with my grief.
He recovered his composure, I never want to go through that hell again Gill. Gently took her hand and said.
Perhaps we were meant to meet each other on this…… Our Hill.