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Fatal Assumptions
by Ian Curtress

He had forward booked into the Akusara Jungle Resort Nasu, Penida Island and immediately had a feeling of wellbeing almost said Romantic.
Very replete, he picked up the opened bottle of Australian white from his table, and found a very comfortable seat looking out to the Bali Sea.
The heavy rain had passed much earlier and the temperature was humid but comfortable.
He noticed a very attractive woman seated about thirty meters away and his thoughts drifted to the vagabond life he had led for the past few years which had prevented any long term relationships..
He took an early breakfast and to his surprise and pleasure the lady who had triggered his soul searching, was on the next table.
She smiled. He said you are early for breakfast have you somewhere special planned for today. Yes she said but I also breakfast early when its cooler, I have no appetite when it too humid.
Have you been here before she asked. No. I have travelled a lot but not here. Travelling on business she asked. We’ll sort of. I like writing, particularly short stories and a couple of years ago I decided I would try to Write my way around the World.
I have a publisher who finances me if the stories are acceptable. It’s a precarious arrangement but I have no commitments
Have you anything planned for today I am going to Dolphins Bay she said and if you would care to join me I would appreciate your company.
That was the start of the two most unbelievable weeks in his life.
Every day he was aware of her beauty, her hair, her eyes but most of all was lost in her smile.
Then that wonderful last night when she said don’t leave me this evening. Heart, Mind and Soul were as one.
His flight home was the day before hers and he said he would meet her flight the following day.
Saying goodbye was difficult even though only for a day or so.

Her flight was on time and his heart was pounding when he saw her coming through Customs. He pushed his way through the crowd, surely she could see him.
She paused, and he saw her expression change then she waved but it wasn’t in his direction.
She rushed over to a man with two children. They all hugged and kissed excitedly. A lovely family reunion.
His emotions were in turmoil. Dreadful emptiness, loss, betrayal, guilt.
The next few weeks were vague, depressing, looking at her phone number His finances brought him into the real world.
He had to work. He knew he would never travel again and he gratefully accepted the position of Proof Reader offered from his publisher.
Two years had passed and the scars remained. Led a lonely life. Bought a dog which was a blessing. Didn’t trust relationships
Today he was proof reading short stories. The second one brought back that awful period in his life. A book set in Bali. The very mention of the word opened old wounds.
It was a story about a holiday romance. A woman who had found perfect love, a perfect Partner. Her Partners flight home had been a day earlier than hers and he would be waiting at the airport to meet her when her flight landed.
She looked through the crowd. But no Howard. So many emotions unsettled her then she saw her Brother with his two lovely children waving frantically to her.
They had come to drive her home Howard never rang!
He found himself shaking. He could read no further and he passed the draft to another reader
He held his phone with shaking hands
She answered. Pat he said, his voice breaking. It’s Howard.