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Writers' Showcase

Drop the Chalupa!
by Doug Dawson

Notes: During the 1990's, the television airwaves were saturated with Taco Bell ads, featuring the ubiquitous Taco Bell chihuahua (who became famous for uttering the words "Yo quiero Taco Bell"). One of the last of these ads featured two police officers, pointing their guns at a shivering man who was "caught" holding a "chalupa" in his hand. "Drop the chalupa!" ordered the officers, as the Taco Bell Chihuahua stood underneath this Mexican treat, his mouth watering.

They advertise Mexican food all the time,
With this Taco Bell ad on TV.
It features the Taco Bell dog and the cops -
Looks like a shakedown to me.

"Drop the chalupa!" the cops tell the guy, who was
Caught with some food in his hand.
The Taco Bell dog stands right under the food,
Thinking "set it down gently, my man!"

The cops point their guns at the shivering man,
They're mean and aggressive and rude.
You'd think the poor fellow was holding a gun -
Instead of some Mexican food.

I taught myself "Spanish" by watching TV
But "drop the chalupa" is all I can say.
You know I considered reporting those cops -
They work for the dog, by the way.