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Draw Breath
by Ian Curtress

That first breath of Earths sweet air I remember not.
I am told I was reluctant to take what was to be the first of so many. I have oft reminisced on my entry but advised not to go there
The occasion, if that is the correct word, was a mixture of pain, to which my Mother would never admit, worry, to which all admit and the incredible mix of relief, wonder, joy and love.
This is the only time in my life where these emotions joined forces.
The event nearest being my Marriage, where I’m pleased to announce, pain was absent. Felt only by my Bank Manager. A somber grey head gentleman who is now, I’m sorry to say, replaced by binary and passwords.
When my mind has empty space, more frequently of late. Age! I meander through the strange world of statistics. I asked my doctor on such an occasion is our Heart born with so many beats and to my surprise he did not call next please but said there is a school of thought on such, adding, to which I do not subscribe. Restoring his credibility.
Does that school of thought also consider our Lungs are born with a finite number of breaths.
Why am I suddenly shallow breathing?
The mind then wanders, no bad thing, that is how mankind has developed.
Not always for the better but won’t go there. Save it for another vacant moment.
We breath because options are limited but breaths vary according to current demand. A sharp intake, involuntary. Full, when ready to sing. Rapidly after running etc.
Like so many things in life we take for granted. They say we do not appreciate something until it is lost. Well with breathing that’s a little too late
Then my my mind enters the world of fantasy.
What would happen if we had a World Breath Day. A date and time when the Planets population would all breath in and hold it for as long as possible.
Would there be enough for the other creatures or would it all be stored in our lungs, albeit a short time.
At this point you will be questioning, not the midwife’s skill and dedication, but her decision to wallop me on the back and release me to Society.
Will be pondering this no doubt when I take the Last One.
ps. That’s a nasty cough!