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Writers' Showcase

Does He Take Sugar?
by Ian Curtress

Does he take sugar. He’s just three feet away!
You could reach out and touch him, it’s not so very far
You can read it in his thoughtful eyes
“bring on the coup de gras”!
You know he speaks your language
His speech last week was clear
You heard him on his mobile phone
That friend of yours was here
She heard him clearly talking
It’s not as if he garbles
He may be slow rising from a chair
But he hasn’t lost his marbles
He isn’t all that Invisible
Just reading another book
These days that’s a novelty
It’s to Google they all look
So if he doesn’t want to listen in
To the latest tittle-tattle
About Mrs X down the road
And that rumoured boyfriend battle
Can you wonder he goes down the pub
With other “domestic refugees”
Putting the World to right….
…..and discussing wonky knees !