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Writers' Showcase

by Bill Tope

"You only wanted to damage me," she said
curtly, but with no rancor. “Damage?”
he echoed her. Is that new-age jargon for
putting you in your place?"
She arched her brows. "What is my place?"
she asked in turn, narrowing her eyes at him.
He grinned lewdly. "Let's not go there," she
said with real disgust.
At her tone he said peevishly, "You want
truth but then you don't want it. You're just
so screwed up!" She stopped walking and
then so did he. She turned to face him.
"How did you expect me to take your "decision"
to take another lover?" she asked. He seemed
puzzled by her question.  "But, you'll still be my
girlfriend," he said in what he thought was a
reassuring voice. They resumed walking,
stopping before a single-family dwelling.
"And now you're taking me to meet her," she went
on. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" Her face got red
and sobs puckeered her face. "Babe," said the
man, laying a hand on her shoulder. "Just meet her,
she's nice. You'll probably become great friends."
She shook him off, said through tears of humiliation,
"I am so out of here!" and stomped off.
At that moment, the door of the bungalow opened
and a young woman looked out. Watching the other
female depart, she asked the man, "Was that her?"
He nodded. "What's the matter wither her?" she asked
him. He shrugged, then said, "She's just damaged,
I guess."