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Writers' Showcase

Cotswold Gems
by Ian Curtress

A place you should go, and I should know
Where the Windrush flows through its midst
And every home, in Cotswold stone looks like the sunshine has kissed
Where families give thanks, on its verdant green banks
and the children play without care
I won’t deceive, when I have to leave a sadness purveys the air.
There are hidden treats in its narrow streets
Shops full of gems making you sigh
Items you don’t need and it’s not really greed
When you know you just have to buy
You all have a laugh at that “must have” scarf
And I understand the affectionate groan
The numbers continue to grow, they all know
I have a large draw full at home
Let’s sit on a seat, fish and chips is a treat
If the neighbours could see me now
It would put the scuppers on my candlelit suppers
Take the shine off my silver, and how.
But forget it all, you’ll feel ten feet tall
Having to leave will be such a shame
And, as you part with a happy heart
Won’t you be glad that you came.

Your next Cotswolds gem planned, on which to feast your eyes
Is BIBURY riverside. Which description near defies
To stare into the River Colne. Trout lazing in the flow
Awaiting flies and insects. You really have to go
Mesmerising moments. Photos by the score
Reluctantly moving on. Aware there’s so much more
Arlington Row cottages. Unique in many ways
Have their place in history. A snapshot of past days
Cottages for local workers, not before due time
Much valued I am sure. A setting quite sublime
Almost lost forever.When mogul Henry Ford
Tried to take them to the USA. But were rescued thank the Lord
Then there’s Arlington Mill to see. So much wheat milled in the past
from ripening surrounding fields. I wonder when the last
But now there’s a welcome .To enjoy a meal or even stay
Perhaps just a pot of tea. And recap on your day
Finally you could visit the Swans manicured gardens
Admire the beauty and the skill
Before leaving with your memories and a promise to return
Oh yes. I know you will