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Chosen for What?
by Albert Russo

Abie asked Goddess what they should do. She told him to listen to his senile wifey and to send Hagar and Ishmael away, for She would provide for them.

Well, we all know how ultra generous with these two She was, coz they multiplied and multiplied, so much and so forcefully, that their descendants, the Muslims, thanks to Allah and his prophet Muhamad, accounted for two billion souls in 2025, whereas those of Isaac never reached the number of twenty million. What was Goddess’ plan, making such a huge difference? Did She want the Jews to become the Happy Few, and if so why did She let the Christian and the Muslim folks torture them continually? What kind of blessing was that for the so-called Chosen People? Or maybe She chose them to play the game of hit or miss, and to see what happened, preparing for the Nazi doctor Mengele to experiment with the millions who were dragged to the concentration camps? How do I know this? In our history class we are being taught the Holocaust, among all the terrible other things that happened during WWII.

Now Goddess, yeah I’m talking to you personally again, and you don’t scare me one bit. Either most people who believe in you can’t think for themselves, or you are the greatest magician-hypnotist there ever was. Yet, I often feel like beating the hell out of you, for all the misery you allow to spread over our planet, provoking earthquakes, tsunamis and fires, and pushing people to kill and maim each other. Ok, humans are also responsible for smashing the friggin ozone, but you never stop them anyway. I imagine how much you enjoy watching them tearing each other apart, like they were comics figures in a video game. Shame on you! Yeah, I know some of your followers would like to place a fatwa over my head - a fat lot, these nerds know about what is really moral and what is wrong - they call me a blasphemer, like that poor Bibi in Pakistan who chose to live as a Christian, even though she came from a Muslim family.

Muesli-Christie’s-Hybrid porridge is what I call that awful mixture of fonda-mentalists,with twisted brains. How else would you call them who want to impose their religion by the sword and the gun?

If there are so many crazy things in it and since I don’t believe in divine shenanigans, why do I continue to read the Bible, you ask. Coz I love some of the stories, which read like lil thrillers, with kingdoms, wild animals, fairy tale miracles and romance. NOT because of the hundreds of commandments, some of which stink like manure, they’re so beastly - poor animals, why do humans always accuse them for their (the humans’) worst deeds, after all, beasts don’t act to hurt, even the bloodsucking critters, which do their disgusting slurping just to sustain themselves, like we eat meat.