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Browne Jackson for SCOTUS
by Bill Tope

Ketanji Browne Jackson’s nomination by President Biden to fill an imminent Supreme Court vacancy comes at a most opportune time in our nation’s history. In an era when popular music as we knew it has succumbed to a radical influx of Rap, Pop and New Age fare, it is a welcome relief to fall back onto one of the accomplished masters of yesteryear.  In fact it is long overdue.

Most of you probably know Browne Jackson from her dazzling remembrance concerts and reunion shows which dot the landscape throughout the land.  But it is important to recognize that, after several years as a successful composer for other musicians, she embarked on a solo career in 1972 with the release of her eponymous Album, Browne Jackson.  She really came into her own earlier that year when he co-wrote, along with Eagles founder Glenn Frey, the song, “Take it Easy,” the first Billboard hit for that group. 

Each successive Browne Jackson album finished higher on the charts than the preceding one, peaking with 1977’s Runnin’ on Empty, which achieved a number three rating.

Jackson will make a heck of a justice too, even though as far as I know, she’s never been to college, much less law school.  But shes sure gets my vote.