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Bound Over
by Ian Curtress

It was bound to happen ? He knew they would meet. He had noticed her parking her car every morning around eleven.

His office was above the Bank, the Jewellers and the Cafe, overlooking the carpark, and he had been staring out while drinking his much needed coffee. Business had been stressful since Brexit with fresh rules and regs arriving with every post and the only high spot was his elevenses.

That was until he found himself looking out for her.

She was very attractive he could see even from a distance. The car she was driving made him a little envious, a very sporty black saloon. How do they make black these days. She was quite tall and elegant, very much her own person he thought.

Then, gathering his thoughts, he returned to the ever demanding small screen and figures, figures and more figures although if truth be known they were not the only figures on his mind.

It was nearly three years since the divorce, quite civilised. His fault, putting ambition before life. Still doing it, will he never learn.

So why was he interested in an unknown woman albeit an attractive one. Perhaps he thought it unusual that she arrives about the same time but stands by the car and is still there when he has finished his coffee. Is she meeting someone, an illicit assignation. One morning he will take his coffee a little later to satisfy his curiosity.

The opportunity presented itself a day later when he had a particular problem which made him overrun his normal break. Walking to the window, she was nowhere to be seen until he noticed her standing by the carpark entrance as if looking for someone. Then she walked briskly to the carpark exit, again looking up and down earnestly. Returning to her car there was quite a delay before driving off.

Was that a smile she gave him or just wishful thinking. He admired her handling of the car, quick and confident.

It had been just over a week since he first saw her, it seemed longer and to his surprise he felt he knew her, would recognise her anywhere, the stance, the walk, the elegant hair style. That smile?!

This morning he was envious of the two well built males alighting from her car. Not short of men friends he thought. And hardly surprising .

She did not get out of the car this time and he found himself being very inquisitive. Not his usual persona.

Then it all happened. The two men came running out from below and into the car which then sped off like a rocket. Alarms were ringing, police cars were soon on the spot and it was obvious the Jewellers had been the subject of a smash and grab raid.

That evening it was headline news. Jewellery to the value of 25000 had been taken. It appears a car was seen speeding off when an elderly person stepped into the road. The driver rammed the central bollards to avoid her. Two men were seen to get out of the car, a black saloon and disappear.

The car was damaged but drivable, however, the driver remained with the woman who was shaken but not injured, until the police arrived. The woman driver was helping the police with their enquiries and anyone with any information should contact the police as soon as possible.

He knew what he had to do but for some reason felt uncomfortable. The information he supplied was valuable and he was asked to attended an identity parade.

He had no difficulty in identifying her.She was as beautiful as he first thought. He hesitated before pointing her out and she appeared to notice his embarrassment. Was that a glimmer of a smile as if to say it’s ok or was his imagination working overtime. He had known he was bound to meet her.

He drinks his morning coffee at his desk nowadays and muses .......

One thing having an Ex. But an Ex con?!