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Writers' Showcase

A Traffic Incident
by Bill Tope

Flat gray sheets of rain danced across the asphalt
Like a child skipping rope.  Small animals sat
Tight In their dens and lairs, waiting for the rain
To abate. A large, shaggy dog, oblivious to the
Downpour, trotted happily alongside his master,
Who was perched atop a bicycle and haphazardly
Steering the conveyance down the street. 
They stopped for a traffic signal, just changing
From amber to red.  A giant truck motored
Through the intersection, moving like a great
Ocean liner and tossing massive waves of
Dirty water on the pair, drenching them
Completely. The big dog whined piteously.
Moving deliberately, the man reached into
A saddlebag appended to the rear of his bike,
Pulling out a U.S. Army-issue rocket launcher.
Taking aim, he fired it directly into the gas tank
Of the huge truck, which exploded in truly
Spectacular fashion.  Debris rained down
Upon the intersection for minutes.
At length, the man turned and addressed his
Dog: "Albert, let us make haste homeward
And have us a hot toddy and a bit of Alpo,
Eh, what?" And the duo proceeded through
The intersection. "Arf!" said Albert, wagging
His tail furiously. In the distance the wail of
Sirens could be heard growing nearer by
The second.