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And The Meaning Of Life Is…?
by George Beckerman

The thirst for that elusive answer has perplexed and haunted homo sapiens for thousands of years. Yet like an enlightenment addict in search of a fix, humanity’s pursuit relentlessly marches on. So here goes.
To preserve nature – Blew that one
To heed God’s will - Which God?
It doesn’t matter, everything is pre-destined – Quitter.
To love each and every person equally – Even those deliberately slow-walking across the street while texting?
To attain maximal wisdom – Massive student loan debt, a barely livable post-college wage, and living in your parents’ basement, anyone?
To release yourself from pain – Enhanced Gummy Bears are the meaning of life?
To orgasm – then what about the other twenty-three hours, fifty-nine minutes and forty-five seconds?
Do whatever you want, life has no meaning – a.k.a. The 60’s. Turn on, tune in, drop out. Then in the 70’s they all went to work for giant, soulless corporations.
Being good – Jesus already tried that. R.I.P.
Listening before you speak – Hello, Twitter, goodbye listening
If life has no meaning, give it one – See Attila The Hun, Adolph Hitler, Jim Jones and 45. 
Dedicate your life to giving – The unimaginable horde of takers will adore the hell out of you.
In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make – Maybe in an Octopus’s garden.
Trying to solve this question leads to more bewilderment and frustration.  It will probably be forever unanswerable. Oh wait!
Chocolate cheesecake – BINGO!