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Writers' Showcase

A Gripping Tale
by Ian Curtress

It had been a lovely walk, much further than we had planned
In secluded woods, almost lost when suddenly she gripped my hand
Most welcome of course as usual but not that sort of grip
She walked so quickly I became afraid she’d lose her footing and have nasty trip
She explained an unusual feeling and and a sense of some confusion
Almost as if trespassing and guilty of intrusion.
It passed and we soon found a country inn, a very pretty scene
We sat outside and being “newcomers” the landlord asked where we had been
He seemed a little surprised we had found it, locals give it a wide berth
It’s an old wives tale he said but I’ll tell you, for what it’s worth

There’s a story told long ago lost in the mist of time
Of a longed for meeting which occurred, strange and yet sublime
It’s thought it could be a soldier before he left for war
and his beloved Lady saying their goodbyes. But no ones really sure
She had misgivings and he knew the odds against a safe return
Hiding their feelings, joked that they would return and dance amongst the fern
Twas in a valley between distant hills where footsteps seldom seen
Grass is tall and lush. A truly verdant green
Very rarely and at random times a gentleman seen under trees
Smiling of countenance and yet signs of some unease
Seldom moves from the pleasant shade although his eyes are so alert
Then for a moment an expression change as if he suffers hurt
A sort of resignation and acceptance as if so little chance
To see the one he longs to see and have that promised dance
No one knows how it came about or for whom he waits
They say she is his only love but as if a twist of fate
She oft appears folk will tell but always when he leaves
With affection and sadness aware of why he grieves
They both know they can never meet. No magic to employ
But each has bestowed a happiness which nothing can destroy
He has seen a wondrous smile and gorgeous eyes, a heaven in which to bask
They will be with him until the end of time. What more could lovers ask

My lover gripped my hand again but this time a grip I knew
I left my half drunk local beer. Well come on.......wouldn’t you!