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A Funny Thing
by Bill Tope

Sequestered in the kitchen of her palatial estate, Molly stood at the stove, stirring a burbling pot of rich, savory chili. Her best friend, Agnes, sat on a stool at the counter, reading a magazine.

"Haw, haw, haw!" bellowed Agnes, slapping her thighs with unbridled mirth. "That Llib Epot; he's a card, I tell you, a real card!" And she laughed some more. Agnes was perusing Molly's copy of the May issue of Blight Magazine: an Anthology of Humorous and Embarrassing Tales of the Aged and Infirm. "Hoo-hoo-hoo," Agnes went on, spreading wide the pages of the book. "It's got here about that 107-year-old woman that slipped on here cat and tumbled down a flight of stairs. "Now this fella, Epot," she asserted, jabbing a finger at a foldout photo of an old woman in traction, "knows what's genuinely funny!"

"I don't know," replied Molly uncertainly. "It seems rather in bad taste to me." She drew her fingers to her lips.

"Molly Bell, you're an old fuddy-duddy!" exclaimed Agnes with vigor.

"Well," conceded Molly. "Perhaps you're right. I mean, I don't keep up with all those new comics and comedians like you do. You know: Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Shecky Green..."

"New comics?" screeched an outraged Agnes. "Those old war horses? They've all been dead for thirty years! I'm talking new talent: Richard Pryor, Smother's Brothers, and Red Skelton. Get with the program, girl!" She snapped impatiently.

"Hey," said Agnes excitedly, "are you going to do the activity page this month? They've got a crossword that I've got to do!" She indicated the book.

"No, go ahead," said Molly generously. "Help yourself."

"Ooh, Goody! I want to do the word search too."

"What's the theme this month?" inquired Molly.

"Gastric blastomas and Other Cancers of the Disabled," answered Agnes, folding back the page and taking up a pencil.

With a shake of her head, Molly went back to stirring her chili.

Originally published in “Little Old Lady Comedy”