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Acid Rain
by Bill Tope

The sky thundered overhead and torrents
Of rain cascaded out of the clouds and
Inundated the land.  Our moonlit night on
The beach was cancelled.  So, naturally,
We dropped some Acid:  Microdot, Purple
Barrel, Mister Natural, one of those.  Every hit
Of Acid I've ever ingested somebody has
Claimed was Windowpane, but who knew?
Beth sat sprawled in a chair across the
Room from me and we seemed to be
Cosmically in sync, knowing what the
Other was thinking and feeling, reading
One another's mind.  It was so intense that
we ended up gesticulating and giggling at
The overwhelming edginess of the
Experience, as though to say:
"Yeah, man, that's like, what it is!"  We
Grinned stupidly, felt our limbs sizzle like
Burgers in a skillet.  Electrical pulses surged
Up and down our spines.  But words,
Clearly, failed us.  Beth reached for a bottle
Of beer, became awed by the cylindrical
Morphology of the bottle, murmured "Wow!”
I nodded fecklessly at the profundity of her
Remarks, giggled some more.  Deep, I
I gazed around the living room:  there were
Other human beings gathered there!  Huh.
I hadn't noticed them before, having been lost
In Beth's blue eyes and blond hair.  "Has
Anybody got some fire?" Beth demanded,
Waving a cigarette in the air.  "I need some fire,
Man!"  Her face assumed a dark aspect. 
That vanished, however, the minute one of
The faceless "Others” appeared with a lighter.
By and by it occurred to me that I hadn't moved
A centimeter in the past hour; I wondered
Briefly if I were paralyzed, unable to move.
"Man," squealed Beth unexpectedly, "your
Eyes are, like, crazy."   She looked somewhat
Alarmed.  I blinked and this seemed to reassure
Her some.
This trip had been going on for between fifteen
Minutes and ten hours and I wondered what
Came next.  As amorous as I felt about Beth,
I didn't think that I could perform romantically. 
I was just too strung out on LSD.
Coming from the kitchen, I sensed what
Smelled like burning pizza and I wrinkled my
Nose at it. 
"Whatta you wanna do?" I managed to squeak out.
Beth said enthusiastically, "I know, man, let's get
Stoned!”  Beth expertly rolled one joint, then
Another, and we toked our brains out.  Our
THC levels must have skyrocketed.   Our mouths,
Strained by all the ceaseless smiling, relaxed into
Straight lines.  We took some deep breaths, 
Came down some, felt fatigue loosen the tension
In our limbs. Everything smelled like pot.  It felt
Reassuring, like I was home.  I yawned.  Outside,
The sky rumbled in the distance as the rain
Continued to fall.  And then, thankfully, we both
Fell into a deep, bissful sleep.

Originally published by Children, Churches and Daddies