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Writers' Showcase

Who is Happy?
by Jerry Robbins

Happy! a name quite conspicuous, 
Or in Seuss' world, truly "splendiferous"

For he who owns this magnificent moniker,
Has a name that many would  moniter

Who hasn't heard about the sailor of note, 
"Happy is the man who owns his own boat."

Or the man with pretty women a-many, 
"Happy is the man who is married to Fanny."

Then there's  the man with a nice car, by "gorsch,"
"Happy is the man who owns a fine Porsche."

And who can forget the value of fame,
"Happy is the man, Vanderbilt, by name." 

And dare we overlook what money can't buy
"Happy is the man with a dog named "Sly"

And don't overlook this notation so fine,
"Happy is the man with his name in this line."