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Ultrashort Humour
by Alex Andy Phuong

Short Humour in Just Six Words

This is a story. 

The end.



Please do not confuse Shakespeare’s "Thy" with the bawdy "thigh."


Universal Hustle

"Hustle and Bustle" is a popular phrase.  There is even the film American Hustle (2013).  Some people rush, but time is ticking normally.  Try not to say, "I don't have time," because it simply depends on how people use it.  Move!


Easy Classes

Easy A was a major hit starring Emma Stone.  The title Easy A also has a double-meaning.  The phrase is a popular one used in academic settings when students want to pass their classes with minimal to zero work involved.  The title is also symbolic of how many of the schoolmates considered Olive to be “easy” (also known as “slutty”).  The sexual humor is a major aspect to this film because it is a teen comedy that is not afraid to display the risqué aspects associated with sexual maturation.



All people have their own bodies, but be careful about not being "bawdy."