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Writers' Showcase

Two Things
by Vincent Barry

Two things you should know about me. My hero is Albert Schweitzer and I once was a seminarian. Not that I’m thinking about either at the time. I just say, “Look at this,” and hand it to her long fine unringed hand. “Whassat?” she goes, unmasked. “That” is a news item I’ve brought with me to this yet still another of these yearslong monthly concierge appointments. “‘It's Too Late': Doctor Says People Begging For COVID Vaccine Before Being Intubated.” I think it will help— convert her, so to say. It’s about a doctor in Alabama describing on Facebook how she has to inform unvaccinated COVID-19 patients begging for the vaccine that it’s too late before she intubates. An uneasy silence. Some pauses.Then, “So?,” and she goes on snipping and clicking, then clacking, because she wears heels, y’see, and must circumnavigate to operate to consummate. Meanwhile, I say nothing—using, y know, silence to facilitate reflection? encourage responsibility? convey interest and empathy? . . . And, voila, two things I should know about me. Once a seminarian, always a seminarian, and Supercuts will blend the gray away.