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The Pink Love Of Cherry Blossoms That Perfectly Captures My Heart
by Priyanka S. Raj

At the onset of  Cherry blossoms, little pink flowers wide open her tender petals and calling the young hearts for the loveliest love. The fuchsia lights swept away my heart and the breath-taking cherry blossom trees swinging in the passion of pink love. It’s a beautiful joy, incredible, enchanting, inviting and  recalling the beauty of winter. Down the hills, when I walked through the green grooves , hearing soft Italian romantic, it reminds me of Rome. The eternal city of souls as quoted by Giotto di Bondone, Renaissance painter “Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning". Alike that my small hill town has transformed into countryside Rome. The mystical sights of cherry blossom soothe my stressed soul and give me wings to fly freely alike those white petals.

The awe-inspiring scene inspires me to write incredible tales and refreshing again the beautiful stories of couples. Exploring the sweet boughs hanging with optimisms and imaginations. The white moon witnessed the sublime of blue nights, twinkling in golden stars. Ahh! The painter, the poet, the musician altogether landed to recount an exquisite piece of delicate love. Of course ! there could be fancy reasons to admire the attractive cherry blossoms which are in full bloom at the commencement of November winter. Walking around the Ward’s lake,  I feel like I am showered by flutters of beautiful pink petals flying off the trees. Underneath the trees and all around the lakeside, girls like me who love to dream more than usual, and couples who plan to express their feelings into next level , this cherry blossoms add a sacred touch and bless them with power of grace and glory. The musings of Taylor’s Swift music have another vibe to which it makes my Friday eve dizzier and dazzling, casting fantasy land in the emerald castle .

I believe cherry blossom has something magical to attract and yearn for. Although I don’t vouch for any romantic story, but the Nature has transformed herself to portray a kind of cute love – to which I describe it as “Pink Love.” Nevertheless, I have been always blessed to enjoy her love tales. Sometimes singing with me, sometimes circulating her fragrance  through the motion of chilled breeze.  With the whirling of music, the season turns into festival . Perhaps, Nature too desires to drop her most sensitive emotions and promise us to have one stunning canto for us.

This made me have a thought what is more passionate – The Nature or the Seasons, which makes us feel about birth of new emotion each time, springing through our souls into minds and heart. For me, it is quite difficult to what way should my tender heart flow. Or whether I should be like a water which never stops and keep flowing with her pouring character. Every great love story embarks with change of seasons and amounts to flamboyant magnitude with the superpower of Nature.