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The Old Cruel Rain And The Wind
by Priyanka S. Raj

For me, Monsoon pour is one of my best time to dazzle my eyes, pour out my soul ….splashing my heart with rain drops…but this season it wasn’t a delightful song.  Quite gloomy before I could understand my feelings, I was drowning thoroughly over and over again. I couldn’t find out the real reason for immersing my heart in the lake on the scenic mountainside. What could be more propounding way to determine the season’s worst tales.

The devil’s eyes were green, rolling eyes upon me and angels have  deserted me to suffer all alone. Time is trying my patience . And I felt like I am a dice for every other people next to me, to play spiky games. No matter how much I scream, nobody is going to hear my voice.

Welcome to old cruel rainy season where wind is even galloping over rapidly to throw your life and dreams are now immersed in big oceans. Ahh ! I could hardly realize how can I fill up those blank spaces . Then situation is worst, yet I am willing to cry ….weep …or grab a hot cup of coffee. In the quiet of night, when music is even not making me sleep…I could only haunt myself.

The autumn air started to blow …From the window, I am peeping the world through my tired eyes. Terribly feeling the evilness of the folks….all I decided to walk alone …silently treading on the green grass and never walk on the peach sand on the beach. For bad, bad hearts could never feel the summer or spring. It’s the wind exhausting me, ruthlessly gusting away all my dreams and desires, yet I believe there is no cruel summer and the breeze will come again to heal my withering heart.

Love will blossom again in spring …there would no heartbreak . don’t you dare to cross my summer garden without any plans. For I am a believer and this time I will have a summer knife to cut down the devil’s bones, maybe I could also break  some hearts hatching from nowhere to fool themselves about pure love, singing in their worst vocals, that too without melody. It’s time to move on….it’s time time to let it go… for it’s time to slide away when everything is stuck on love.

For angel’s are wishing fly over to my summer garden again and time for me to back to blue oceans where wilderness of water enchanting  my name over the sea of waves.

For now, it’s time to bid goodbye to the old cruel rain and the wind!