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Writers' Showcase

The Interpreter
by Alex Andy Phuong

An altruistic interpreter was born in Pasadena while his parents originated from Asia.  This helpful individual could never understand foreign languages.  In fact, he failed a Spanish class while in college.  Even with that hardship, the interpreter began life anew at a community college.  It was there that he graduated with an Associate of Arts in English, and earned his first job there as an ESL tutor.

All of that success did not happen in just one day, though.  After all, Rome was not built in a day.  This interpreter used his knowledge of language and literature to have a dramatic impact on the lives of people he met in college.  One very special student, in particular, asked for his help.  This Asian woman was horrible in English, but the helpful interpreter used his compassionate nature to help this damsel in distress graduate from college as well.  In fact, the interpreter and the student both earned their baccalaureates that same year in 2015.  Graduation day was very important to them because they would not have walked across that iconic university stage if they had never met.

A year after the ceremony, the interpreter and his special student spent a Saturday night together at a library.  The library had a free screening of the film Lost in Translation.  The interpreter thought that he would enjoy the film since it was an Oscar-nominated modern-day classic.  Once the film ended, he turned his head to the student he had helped, and asked for her opinion.

“I don’t understand this movie.”

“I don’t either.”

Oh well, at least they both supported each other even though they were not bilingual.