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Writers' Showcase

The Greatest Stories Almost Never Told
by Alex Andy Phuong

Miramax released the film Shakespeare in Love with the tagline, “A film about the greatest love story almost never told.”  That brings up interesting ideas about the art of fiction.  Modern readers might not know about Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy if Jane Austen had not written about their whirlwind romance.  The world might not have Madame Bovary as an eponymous character if Gustave Flaubert had not created such a dirty skank.  Such notions reveal the power of imagination.  Even Albert Einstein knew this because he advocates creativity even though he had one of the most brilliant minds in history.  Write, live, create!  Seize the day!  Carpe Diem!

*And that also includes stories for mature audiences, like Fifty Shades of Grey!*