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Writers' Showcase

The Dog and Cat
by Jerry Robbins

A dog and a cat came to  visit me
By the light of the silvery moon
“We are too late,” said the cat to the dog
“Not at all,” said the dog, “We’re too soon.”

To bring some peace I intervened
But the cat would not give in
She raised up her hair, assumed an air
jumped the dog, bit and clawed him

Rover did winch and cover his face
As he let out a loud, ”Oh, dammit”
Rolled onto his back, gave Kitty a whack
And sent her out into orbit

She landed four down
As cats usually do
Arched her back, replied with a chop
That nearly cleaved Rover in two

To bite Kitty’s black nose
Rover bared his teeth in advance
He assumed a fierce warrior pose
She assumed a stronger stance

Then the cat lunged toward Rover
Knocking the Tiffany off the table
Rover tried to defend himself
As well as he was able

But the sharp point of Kitty’s claws 
Dug deep into his back
He leaped into the wall radiator
Dragging  Kitty along the same track

Kitty hit her head on the iron heater red
Blood spurted all over the walls
Her fur matted down, her face in a frown
She socked Rover  one right in the jaws

Two of them down writhing in pain
Looked up at my alarmed face
“Thanks for letting us visit,” said Kitty
“We’ve had a great time at you place.”