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That Day In May
by Peter Wakefield Kitcher

“Come along about seven. I could use you.”
“Uh. Where?”
“About seven and don’t be late.” His phone rang. “Just a minute. Yes. What? Right away. About seven and don’t be late. He’ll tell you.”
“Him.” He went out.
I went over to “Him”. He was huge. Six foot five. Three hundred pounds. He had a hat on. “He said you’d tell me.”
“Who are you?”
“I was just standing here watching. That other chap gave me the money and he said, ‘I could use you.’”
“OK. So?”
“Well, go and see him.”
“Don’t play games with me, boy.”
“I’m not playing games. What does he want me to do?”
“He wants to use you.”
“Use me?”
“You know Johnny?”
“Was he here today?”
“Don’t be funny with me, boy. Why are you here?”
“Well, I was just stopping by to see my girlfriend. She works in the office. Then I saw she was with her other boyfriend. I don’t like him. She saw me and I thought I shouldn’t interfere so I went through that door and there were a whole lot of people standing around. And it looked something like a film studio except there weren’t any cameras. And this chap had a gun. And this other chap had an envelope and he showed it to me and it was full of money. And then he gave it to me. I turned round and this other chap with the gun turned round and I didn’t know what to do, and he said, ‘Give me the envelope.’ So I gave him the envelope and then the first chap hit him on the head and his eyes looked all funny and he dropped the gun. I didn’t know what to do so I picked up the gun. Well, I’d never had a gun before and I pulled that thing underneath, what’s it called? A trigger, isn’t it? Anyway I shot him and he fell down and this other chap said, ‘Let’s get out of here’, and gave me the envelope.”
“Did you give it to the man?”
“Who’s the man? I’ve never seen him before.”
“Well, you’d better go and see him now.”
“Where do I go?”
“You’d better find out. He says go, you go.”
I’ve often wondered what it was all about but I bought a nice car.