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Thank You, Mr. Bear
by Alex Andy Phuong

There once was a very lonely boy.  He was different, and intelligent, but had trouble making friends.  He had trouble making friends during his school days, but still graduated from college.

After the graduation ceremony, he lost the love of his life.

Luckily, his mother knew how to make the boy (now an adult) feel better.

She bought her son a teddy bear to be his best friend.

Mr. Bear, as he was named, comforted the sad boy, and assuaged his fear of being alone.

"Mommy, can I marry Mr. Bear?" the boy asked.

"Of course!  We all love Mr. Bear!"

Mr. Bear made life so much better for this college graduate and his family.

The entire family loved Mr. Bear because he was big and brown and soft and good.

Thank you, Mr. Bear!