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Writers' Showcase

(Some words from a recent spelling bee)
by Edmund Conti

She’s a BACKFISCH now, but just you wait
Said the father, advocating.
What could I do?  I took the bait.
And I’m still waiting.

We called it googootz
(My Italian roots)
Eighty years pass and what the hell
I just find out it’s COCOZELLE.

I thought the surgeon artless
He took away a lot o’ me.
I told him he was heartless.

Should you go fishing
Have a net
And also, should you fall in, a

Is not what you think
And if you write what you think
You won’t get ink

That word is quite a zinger.
Meaning that it’s horseshoe shaped.
I think we’ve got a ringer.

The first of May
Outdoor ruckus
Starts today.

If you want to exclaim, “Look a
You have to have a
Place with lava.

If you’re going to LILLIOO
Don’t do it on your cell
Just be like all your eFriends who
Are good with LOL.

We were walking on the NUNATAK
The footing there was dicey
We thought at once of going back.
I see.

The OFLAG was a prison camp
For soldiers of renown
And since it stands for nothing
Take it down.

It’s fine to say “PIPPSISSEWA”
It’s not, you know, the p-word
Sure, some will laugh or say ha-ha
Let them snicker.  Be weird.

For some of us, forbidden fruits.
Each diet has its place.
But living on (and even) in roots
Is RADICOLOUS on its face.

SDRUCCIOLA is a nickel-and-dime word
You can put back on the shelf.
It’s not a triple-rhyme word.
It can’t define itself.

Let Zygons be Zygons
Advised Dr. Who
And don’t interfere
Who knew.