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Smells Like Nirvana
by Tiffany H. White

Her mother didn’t like the way her daughter was acting. Everyone knows adolescent girls can be little devils but Linda was out of control.

“I fear it is a bad case of teenage angst.” The doctor said and prescribed Ritalin, wholesome  nutrition, and an exorcise plan.

It didn’t end well.

Linda refused the pills, insisted on soup and was extremely rude to the priest.

“My work here is done.” The exorcist pulled  on his battered old homburg hat with a sigh. “The devil’s advocate claims possession is nine-tenths of the lore and I can’t argue with that.” 

Linda turned her head slowly and grinned a terrible smirk. “These things happen. No judgment. Have a good trip.”  Linda didn’t struggle with her inner demons: they kept her grounded.

Perhaps her mother should give that a go.