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Writers' Showcase

Shakespearean Farce
by Alex Andy Phuong

William Shakespeare is oftentimes regarded as the greatest writer who has ever lived.  Part of the appeal of his dramatic plays is how the compelling narratives reveal fundamental themes about life itself.  Even though practically all of his plays have been hailed as literary classics, it is a bit unusual that a lot of Shakespeare's work might be rated "PG-13" or even receive an "R" rating if they were cinematic films released in the 21st century.  It is also possible to say that the Elizabethan performers had to use crude body language in order to perform the Bard's bawdy language.  Even when the plays are very dark, deep, and dismal, there is still plenty of moments that could be classified as "dark humour."  Sarcasm, verbal irony, and innuendo are prevalent throughout Shakespeare's writing.  Puns that Shakespeare used are even sometimes phallic!  The controversial "Best Picture" winner Shakespeare in Love (1998) might have been advertised as a romantic comedy, but not much is known factually about William Shakespeare himself.  Did he ever fool around when his wife Anne Hathaway was not around?  Could the lost love(rs) of Shakespeare ever be found?  How did Shakespeare know so much about poetry while also being very naughty?  (Maybe Shakespeare "did it" a lot throughout his life, and maybe even before and after his marriage to Anne Hathaway).  After all, a man like Shakespeare could not have known much about farce without doing something with his (insert profane rhyming term here please).  Thank you, and on with the show!