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Writers' Showcase

Scary Movies For Queasy Stomachs
by R.D. Ronstad

The Texas Chainsaw Altercation
Seven Sins Not Listed as Deadly, But Still Pretty Bad
Pleasantries with the Vampire
The Really, Really Strong Longstanding Disagreement
The Kind of Dream Where You’re Unprepared for Your Final Exam or Something Like That on Elm Street
Theater of Saliva
The Blair Witch Proposal (First Draft)
The Fall of the Guest House of Usher
The Mummy Was Going to Return, But Something Came Up
The Telltale Appendix
The Attack of the Killer Blueberries
Wait a Moment, Then You Can Look
Predator vs. Popeye
Michael Myers’ Day Off
The Heartless Horseman
Dressed to Wound
Dances With the Wolfman
Harry Potter and the Order of Sashimi
Baby Mad Scientists