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Writers' Showcase

Reality TV Shows That Would Be Worth Watching (At Least For 10 Minutes)
by R.D. Ronstad

The Real Floyd the Barber
Contestants must survive twenty-two weeks cooped up in a barber shop with the most boring barber in America.
American Idle
The search for the laziest person in America becomes a literal search when viable candidates consistently fail to show up for shooting
The Legend of Judge Roy Bean Redux
Television's first hanging judge routinely condemns defendants to death for such minor offenses as playing the pan flute in public and making rude gestures at pelicans. (Executions strictly CGI)
Animal Planet's Kangaroo Court
Past episode's of The People's Court, re-enacted by kangaroos.
Veal or No Veal
Contestants vie for boatloads of cutlets and a veal dish of their choice, prepared in their homes by Chef Bobby Flay.
The Gladys Kravitzes
Follows the exploits of a group of snoopy suburban housewives who investigate reports of "funny business" in their neighborhoods.
Lancing with the Stars
Celebrity jousting.
Last Tuba Player Standing
Kind of like Last Comic Standing, except with tubas and a non-figurative use of standing.
Kids in Cars with Skittles
You thought kids said the darndest things before...
The Gamey Show
In the spirit of "Let's put on a show"movies, volunteers from the audience are charged with creating a half hour of TV for next week's show (includes performing non-hazardous behind the scenes jobs)