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Punk Band Journal 1976-77, Except That Time Is An Artificial Construct, Ya Yobbo
by William Kitcher

February. My hair is short and spiked as a rebellion against hippies and their overblown Led Zeppelin-Genesis-Blue Oyster Cult crap.
June. It’s getting longer coz I don’t care.
September. My hair is now long as a rebellion against my hair.
December. My hair is really long. It’s still a rebellion. And especially against Christmas. I’ll cut it next year.
January. The band management and the other guys told me I should cut it. Slash them. I don’t do what they tell me.
March. I got a haircut coz I wanted to.
April. The band manager sent me to a place where my haircut got fixed, looking more casual punk.
Ah slash me, I just sold out.
Slash you.