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People (No Preceding Adjective Necessary)
by Alex Andy Phuong

"People" is one of the most memorable songs from Funny Girl.  That title is a term that encompasses mankind, and Barbra Streisand still holds power in the entertainment world decades after saying "Hello gorgeous" to her Oscar statuette.  Some would believe that the word, "mankind," exhibits patriarchy while "people" is more inclusive.  Not only that, but Little Women is supposedly the greatest American novel ever written (and maybe even the greatest novel of all time).  Why would Louisa May Alcott use that adjective, though?  Also, why is The Little Mermaid has the term "Little" when Ariel is a mermaid yearning to be part of Eric's world?  Women (and all people actually) come in all shapes and sizes, which adds diversity to the world.  Lots of people in 2020 are part of the #MeToo Movement, and Princess Jasmine does not want to go speechless.  Remember, men, women, and every living being are all animals on Earth, no matter how small.  Thank you, Dr. Seuss!