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Writers' Showcase

Peering Tenderly At You
by John Yelavich

Like a voyeur I salivate,
peering tenderly at you,
through your full view
display case like window,
I feel suddenly ravenous,
as I softly contemplate
your luscious splendor,
fervently enticing me.

I imagine your delicacies
and your assorted treats,
that are so very yummy;
some soft as marshmallows,
others sweet as honey,
and some filled with cream.
It’s your voluptuous cookies
I so much want to devour.

I long to indulge my hunger,
by munching and consuming,
your savory, satisfying candy.
Your juicy, delectable goodies
put a joyous smile on my face,
and an assured bounce in my step.
I give thanks each and every day
for my cafeteria’s vending machine.